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Another excellent talk was delivered by Jim Peebles, who presented a thorough outline of an overwhelming number of different tests using many different approached over a huge range of scales that spectacularly confirm the Lambda-CDM (aka concordance) model of big bang cosmology. Go SCIENCE!

He kept the audience focused and occasionally entertained with his warm and witty presentation style. It was a pleasure to hear him talk, and the evidence for the concordance model is truly breathtaking. He has maintained a skeptical attitude towards cosmological results throughout his career, yet the evidence that he presented (to which he himself has made significant contributions) was extremely convincing and he calls the model ‘a good approximation to reality’. šŸ™‚ He indicated that the field is still active as there are no shortage of interesting problems – he concluded by leaving the audience a problem assignment – an open problem in reconciling theory and experiment that may either hint towards some new dark sector physics, or be attributed to the complexity of the current model.


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  1. Jim’s a great speaker! Cosmology is really reaching the point now where we can use our standard model as a platform to go looking for new physics (guess dark energy and matter are early examples). Wonder what’s next?

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