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Sidney Coleman taught a legendary class on Quantum Field Theory at Harvard, the lectures of which are cherished by many of the big names in physics today. Lisa Randall calls them a cult classic. I’ve been looking for these for a while, and I was thrilled to hear from fliptomato that Harvard has generously hosted these videos online.

Here are his 1975-76 lectures on QFT: link

Since the videos quality is not that good, it’s probably essential to read along with the lecture notes, transcribed by Brian Chen at Penn.

The lectures seem to provide a pretty thorough grounding in the canonical formalism, so hopefully this aspect of QFT will be slightly less of a mystery for me if I can get through some of this. He doesn’t seem to cover the path integral approach, but I’m getting enough of that in class anyway.

“The career of a young theoretical physicist consists of treating the harmonic oscillator in ever-increasing levels of abstraction.” – Sidney Coleman


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